Uncaged Welcomes Winter Sloane

Welcome to Uncaged! You just released, Indebted to the Bratva Boss in October and this is part of the Kotov Bratva series. Can you tell readers more about the series and the book?

Indebted to the Bratva Boss is an enemies-to-lovers mafia romance book between a naive bookshop owner and a Bratva boss. When Marina is saddled with her father’s massive debt, she can only turn to one dangerous man for help—her ex-boyfriend Pavel. Trusting a criminal is risky but Marina has no other choice.

The first two books in the series features two Bratva brothers who find the love of their lives in unlikely situations and places. Viktor and Pavel know they’re not good men. They don’t believe in love but the strong women they’re about to meet will soon change their minds.

What is the most difficult scene for you to write? What is the easiest?

Fight scenes are usually difficult for me because they take require more planning, but nonetheless they’re fun and interesting to write. Date scenes are usually easy for me to write. I enjoy writing scenes where my characters have just met and are trying to get to know each other better.

Read the rest of this interview in the January/February Issue of Uncaged Book Reviews – linked below.

Winter Sloane is the alter ego of a single mother who loves reading and writing romances in her free time.
She likes writing about possessive bad boys and the women who love them.

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Her Relentless Bratva
Winter Sloane
Organized Crime Thriller/Romance

Katya: Some people call me an ice princess. There’s a reason for that. I survived the massacre of my entire family. When the Kotov Bratva took me in, I swore I’d do anything for my daughter and my new family. Aleksander is off-limits. He’s also relentless, persuasive, and addictive. I lean into his touches and kisses even though I should be staying away. I’m a survivor. I don’t just open up my heart to anyone but with Aleksander it’s easy. If being with him is so wrong, then why does it feel so right?

Aleksander: I know Katya Kotov inside and out. Under all that ice, lies a passionate and fiery woman I can’t wait to own and possess. I waited, hoping she’d find a better man, a decent man to settle with. But I’m not that generous. I’m a selfish and possessive bastard. Katya’s mine to tame and I’d kill anyone that gets in the way.


“Why don’t you make yourself more comfortable and sit next to me?” he asked.

“I’m fine here,” she said, returning to the armchair.

“Why, scared I’ll bite?” Aleks teased.

“Maybe you should avoid flirting with me when you’re injured,” she suggested.

Aleks considered her words for a few moments. There and then, he came to a decision. They’d been dancing around each other for years. It was about time he changed that.

Aleks didn’t pursue Katya not because he was worried about what Viktor and Pavel would do if they found out he wanted her for his own. She wasn’t a fling either. He wanted to own her, body, heart, and soul.

If Katya found a normal, decent man who’d be able to take care of her and Anya, Aleks thought he’d be able to live with that. He was wrong. Aleks would kill any man who so much as looked at Katya wrong.

Read the rest of this excerpt in the January/February Issue of Uncaged Book Reviews – linked below.