Completed  for April 2017 Issue of Uncaged:

Survive at Midnight – Kayla Krantz
Shadows of Jane – Amy Hale*
A Perfect Plan –  Alyssa Drake
Shadows of Deception – Amy Hale*
Liefdom: A Tale from Perilisc – Jesse Teller
Didn’t Get Frazzled – David Z Hirsch
Erotica for Women with Explict Sex – Liberty Stone
Playing with Fire – Cris and Clare Meyers*
Things Only the Darkness Knows – Various
Fly by Night – Cris and Clare Meyers*
Keeping Her Guilty Secret – Anna James*
A Love Worth Saving – Anna James*
The Council – Kayla Krantz
Return to Ruby’s Ranch – Rhonda Frankhouser*
Ice Rift – Ben Hammott*
Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre – Simon Parker
The Old Man and the Princess –  Sean-Paul Thomas
The Hidden Legacy – Christine Rees*
Serpent’s Tooth – Toni V. Sweeney
Food for Thought – First Course – Nancy DeRosa*
Splatterpunk’s Not Dead – Various
The Unraveling – Sarah Northwood
Wrathbone and Other Stories – Jason Parent
Love in Montana by Chance Carter
Food For Thought, Second Course – Nancy DeRosa*
Ice Rift Salvage – Ben Hammott*
Shadows of Deliverance – Amy Hale*
Blue Wicked – Alan Jones
Shadow Lord – Tony-Paul de Vissage
Addict of the Wasteland – Jon Cronshaw
Curfew – Philip Harris
Lazy Blood – Ross Greenwood
The Pharaoh’s Cat – Maria Luisa Lang
Ring of Truth – Jaclyn Weist
Rekindled Love – TL Clark
The Empress of Tempera by Alex Dolan
An Imperfect Engagement – Alyssa Drake
Inner Voice – Sarah Northwood

*= featured author


Completed for March 2017 Issue of Uncaged:

Hell’s Belle – Karen Greco
Ink Stains, Vol. 3 – Various
Tainted Blood – Karen Greco
Steele City Blues – Karen Greco
Reborn – Jane Ederlyn
For Her Sister – Lara Sleauth
Stake Out – Lily Luchesi
Miranda’s Rights – Lily Luchesi
Control – R.M. Gauthier
Savage to Savvy – Kate Rigby
Falter – Haven Cage
Severance – Haven Cage
The Mechanic’s Mate – Mikea Howard
It’s in the Water – Brian O’Gorman
The Seer’s Secret – Mikea Howard
Jockeying for You – Stacy Hoff
Pharmacon – Brian O’Gorman
Murder in Lava Cove – Alene Anderson
Dance of the Butterfly – Scott Carruba
Dawn of the Spiders – Brian O’Gorman
I Don’t Want to be Married – Sonja Gunter
Cat Got Your Tongue – Paul Moore
Eye of the Pharoah – Nancy Fraser
Vexed – Wren Michaels
Killing Time – Paul Moore
Don’t Clown Around on Halloween – Paul Moore


Completed for Feb. 2017 Issue of Uncaged:

Spirit Song by Tessa McFionn
Don’t Wake Me Up – M. E. Rhines
Evermore – Alexandra Lee
The Prince’s Son – Deborah Jay
The Storyteller of Pain – Loren Molloy
Highland Hellion – B.J. Scott
Highland Deliverance – B.J. Scott
Dead by Morning – Kayla Krantz
Alive at Sunset – Kayla Krantz
On a Gamble – Rose Lange
The Orphan and the Duke – Jillan Chantel
The One I’m With – J. Lynn Rowan
Stan: The Awakening – Richard Wold
Highland Hope – Madelyn Hill
In Irina’s Cards – Christine Hart
Night and Chaos – Dignam & Martinez
Battered Not Broken – Charity West
Risking the Vine – Gemma Brocato
Terra Nova – Christine Hart
Dating Down – Alex Dunn
Fearless Destiny – Annette Bower
Vampire Princess of New York – Susan Hanniford Crowley


Completed – Jan. 2017 Issue of Uncaged:

Deadsville – Dale Elster
The Void Weaver – Dignam & Martinez
Between Midnight and Dawn – Cheryl Yeko
Realm of the Dragon – CiCi Cordelia
Shadow Marked – Walt & Hamilton
my name is tookie – Chariss K. Walker
Maggie’s Way – Linda Bradley
Maggie’s Fork in the Road – Linda Bradley
Maggie’s Montana – Linda Bradley
Mistakes of my Past – Emily James
What’s a Soulmate? – Lindsey Ouimet
The Separation – Stormy Corrin Russell
A Mirror Among Shattered Glass – Romarin Demetri
The Frost Bloom Garden – Romarin Demetri
Graveyard Rose by Ginny Clyde
The Very Devil Herself by Loren Molloy
R.I.L.Y. Forever by Norah Bennett
The Volunteer by Sarah Northwood
Magic Hunter by C.N. Crawford
A Woman So Bold by L.S. Young
The Longest Night by Danielle Devon

Completed- Dec. 2016 Issue of Uncaged:
Triumph and Treasure – Collette Cameron
Heartbreak and Honor – Collette Cameron
Virtue and Valor – Collette Cameron
The Sixth Event – Kristen Morie-Osisek
Exit Signs – Patrice Locke
Christina, A Bride for Christmas – Hildie McQueen
Sevyn by Michele Wesley
A Red Dress for Christmas – Erzabet Bishop
Manifesting Destiny – M Pepper Langlinais
Smashed-A Savvy Macavoy Story – Amy Shannon
If I Wake – Nikki Moyes
Collide by L.R. Johnson
The Revenge Artist – Philip Hoy
The Dream Diaries – Philip Hoy
Taming the Beast – Erzabet Bishop
Dance With Me – Hazel Hughes
Highland Yearning – Dawn Ireland
Self’s Blossom – David Russell
Fallen Soldier, Risen Pride – Layla Stevens
A Sprint to His Heart – Lyla Bardan
Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter – C.A. Verstraete
Broken Justice, Blind Love by Rena Koontz
Smoke by Val St. Crowe
One More Time is Not Enough – Belle Ami
The Compendium – Christine Hart
Witch’s Cauldron – Ella Summers
In Mistletoe – Tammy Bailey
Once Upon a Curse – Anthology
Samirene and Jerod’s Mountain Lion by Wanda A Wallace
Dark Siren – Lee Dignam & Katerina Martinez


Completed, Nov. 2016 Issue of Uncaged:
5 Star Reads for November, 2016

Claiming the Evil Dead – Mary Abshire
Catching an Evil Tail – Mary Abshire
Queen of Lost Stars – Kathryn Le Veque
Sealed with a Kiss –  – Lettebox Love Stories Anthology – Lynn Crain
Book of Angels – KH Mezek
Faerie Fate – Margaret Madigan
Vampire’s Kiss – Ella Summers
Joe’s Choice – Myra Nour
Fire and Midnight – Sandra Renee Appet
Night and Chaos – Naomi Clark
Secrets of the Mind – EJ Bennett
The Jacq of Spades – Patricia Loofbourrow
Key of Mystery – KH Mezek
The Queen of Diamonds – Patricia Loofbourrow
Sleeping with Elvis – Beth Carter
Autumn Winters – J.S. Malcom
Victoria at Sea – M. Kate Quinn
Descended from Dragons – Tricia Owens
Prim and Proper Fate – Tami Lund
Murder on Blake Hill – Janis Lane
Shade of Vampire – Bella Forrest



Completed, Oct. 2016 Issue of Uncaged:
Better Than Candy – Short Story by Myra Nour
Be Mine Forever – Short Story by Myra Nour
The Cursed Man – Keith Rommel
Vampire King of New York by Susan Hanniford Crowley
The Ghost and the Graveyard by Genevieve Jack
Blade of the Destroyer by Andy Peloquin
Hunted by Bronwyn Heeley
Running Scared by Bronwyn Heeley
Ancient Magic – Linsey Hall
Mental Ward – Sharon L. Higa (Anthology)
Demon Killer – Myra Nour
Fallen Death – RB Austin
Kandy Apple and her Hellhounds – Savanna Kougar
The Night Man Cometh – Tony-Paul de Vissage
Dark Heart of the Sun – S.K. Ryder
Edge of Night: Betwist and Between by Alexis Duran
Drop Dead Gorgeous by Donald Allen Kirch
Hunter by Sarai Henderson
Red Paradise by James Bodden
Sasha Bishop: Shifter – Carly Jordynn
Lost Son – Marcus Abshire
Faerie Blood – Emma L. Adams
Never A Choice by Dee Palmer



Completed,  Sept. 2016 Issue of Uncaged:

Scared Witchless – by Amy Boyles
The Epiphany of a an Explorer – Linda Rae Sande
The Inquisition – Jacintha Topaz –
Dawn of a Dark Knight – Zoe Forward
Bloodlust – Bernard DeLeo
Swallowing His Pride by Serena Pettus
Highland Resurrection – BJ Scott
The Philadelphia Coven Chronicles – Katherine McIntyre
Born Yesterday – Tatter Jack
The Mercenary and the Shifters – CD Hersh
Bittersweet Tavern by S. Copperstone
Shelter Me By Stephanie Tyler
The Sanctuary – Sandra Lea Rice
Shadow Born by Jasmine Walt & Rebecca Hamilton
Infernal Magic by C.N. Crawford
A Good Night – Danielle Devon
Some Girls Bite – Chloe Neill



Completed Reviews: August 2016 Issue of Uncaged
Legacy of Death – Myra Nour
A Werewolf’s Tail – Amber Taylor
A Werewolf’s Struggle – Amber Taylor
Upon a Tide – Ryan Jo Summers