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Ginger Ring was a Featured Author in September of 2017. Since that time, she’s released Escaping Ryan, the next book in her Genoa Mafia Series.

Uncaged: You were a Featured Author in Uncaged Book Reviews in September 2017. How was your experience being in the magazine?

I love Uncaged so it was great fun. I’m a very shy in person and about sharing my work but it was easy to do and I loved how the article came out.

Uncaged: You are helping organize the Wild Deadwood Reads this year. Can you tell readers more about the convention?

Yes we are a multi genre book signing so we welcome authors and readers of all kinds of books. We have a lot of romance writers but you can also find mystery, history, self-help, children’s, and even a cookbook or two. The idea for the event came about while talking to other readers and authors. We discussed how we loved going to events but missed our families. That’s why we chose the Black Hills as the back drop of our book signing. I hear all the time how authors and readers are bringing their whole family to sightsee while they are there. In addition to the book signing, there is also a PBR rodeo in town, a bus trip where you can pan for gold, visit the Crazy Horse Memorial, and stop at a winery. We also have a book reading planned at a Victorian style theatre and a meet and greet the first night.

Uncaged: Your latest book in the Genoa Mafia series, Escaping Ryan, just released. What can you tell readers about this book and what do you have coming up after?

Escaping Ryan is Valentina’s story. She is the sister of Roman from the Crossing Roman book and she is also the daughter of a mafia don. Valentina is trying to find her way in life out from under the shadow of her infamous family and falling for a local cop is only going to make things more complicated. The small town of Genoa is also dealing with something that has everyone on edge and hiding behind locked doors – a serial killer. Like all my books, there is suspense, humor, and love. I hope readers will enjoy this book. I also just finished a short story called Taken to the Cleaner about the next couple in this series and that will be featured in the Loyalty anthology coming out in March. I am currently working on their full length story which is of now called Destroying Dominic.

Uncaged: Will you be attending other events besides Wild Deadwood Reads this year?

Yes, it will be a busy year. In April I will be at Clear Lake, Iowa for the North Iowa Book Bash, June is WDR in Deadwood, September I will be in Madison, WI for Mayhem in the Midwest, October will be the Fall into Books event in Sioux Falls, SD and finally Wisconsin Dells, WI in November for the Midwestern Book Lover’s Unite event. Come see me!!

Ginger Ring is an eclectic, hat-loving Midwestern girl with a weakness for cheese, dark chocolate, and the Green Bay Packers. She loves reading, playing with her cats, watching great movies, and has a quirky sense of humor. Publishing a book has been a lifelong dream of hers and she is excited to share her romantic stories with you. Her heroines are classy, sassy and in search of love and adventure. When Ginger isn’t tracking down old gangster haunts or stopping at historical landmarks, you can find her on the backwaters of the Mississippi River fishing with her husband.


Escaping Ryan
Ginger Ring
Contemporary Mafia Romance

Valentina Caponelli is more than a spoiled mafia princess…

She flees her father’s Chicago mansion to start a law office in a small-town in Wisconsin, determined to gain her independence.

Free of her father.

Free of her heritage.

Free of dangerous enemies of the family.

Then she falls in love with the one man who may cause her more harm than all the rest.

Officer Ryan Donavan is married to the force…

But the long-legged brunette he cared for after a car crash is all he can think about.

The problem is, Valentina is the sister of mob boss Roman Caponelli. The one man who definitely does not want his only sibling dating a lawman.

Ryan and Roman have made a tenuous peace, but if Ryan gives in to this passion, that peace will be shattered.

A killer is already roaming the streets, and all hell is about to break loose in Lake Genoa, Wisconsin. Can love really conquer all—or only make matters more deadly?


Valentina Caponelli cranked the radio up and sang a little louder. The headache she’d had earlier disappeared the minute she crossed the border into Wisconsin. Big city living had its advantages, but she’d missed the small town of Lake Genoa, or as the locals just called it, Genoa. She’d done what her father wished. Her law school diploma was proudly framed and sitting in a box in the backseat of the car.
When you were born into a mafia family, you did what they expected you to do, whether you wanted to or not. Valentina excelled in school and therefore she was the one chosen to attend law school. It never hurt to have someone in the family who knew the ins and outs of the legal system, as well as what a person could and couldn’t get away with. When you did something you shouldn’t, they knew how to keep you from going to jail.
The only problem was that her father didn’t want her to have other any other clients outside the family. That wouldn’t keep her very busy, and that was something she enjoyed doing—keeping busy. The more irons in the fire, the more Valentina excelled. The more she felt like her life had purpose and she wasn’t just the spoiled mafia princess everyone expected her to be. If law was her passion, that was yet to be discovered, but she was giving it a try.
Her father also had the nerve to point out that she was getting a little long in the tooth and needed to find a man soon. Make that a nice Italian boy approved by him to marry. Give me a break. When did being in your mid-twenties make you an old maid? Screw the old ways. If she could be a female lawyer, why did she have to marry? Who had time to date anyway when you were studying twenty-four seven?
She tapped her fingers on the steering wheel and hummed along with the latest Carrie Underwood song. No one would ever suspect her of being a country fan with her high heels, business suits, and her hair often in a chignon. People needed to see her as a professional, and wearing her thick dark hair long while sporting blue jeans and cowboy boots just didn’t cut it.
All the cramming in law school had taken its toll on her eyes. Now sporting reading glasses on occasion, her serious look had become more matronly librarian than anything else. That wasn’t going to turn the heads of too many men.
It was her father who had started her morning migraine and her sudden exodus from Chicago. If her older brother, Roman, could run parts of their father’s dealings from Genoa, so could she. Valentina had been away from her business, Firenza, for way too long and
Escaping Ryan
it was time to get back to doing something she enjoyed. Sure, law was easy and intriguing to her, but making that a success would be a huge undertaking.
Firenza was an old lakeside mansion Roman bought for her to run as a restaurant in the summertime and event center year-round. While in Chicago, they’d hired a manager to oversee the place and her sister-in-law, Madison, also helped in her absence. It didn’t take her long to realize that she wanted to put her lawyer shingle out in Genoa to be close to Firenza. Heck, it was almost time for Firenza to host the Snowflake Ball again.
Roman had met his wife at last year’s ball. Valentina sang along to the next tune thinking about her sibling and his lovely wife. It was hard to say which one she loved more. Madison may have been new to the family but she already felt like her sister. It had killed Valentina that she had to concentrate on the bar exam when she would’ve rather been more involved with the planning of their wedding.
Actually, there hadn’t been too much to plan, it happened so fast. Still, it had been far too long since she’d gotten to spend time with either of them. Then again, maybe she didn’t want to. They were so much in love the two could barely keep their hands off each other. All she needed was a constant reminder that there was no man in her life, no one man enough to be in her life. What self-respecting, law-abiding man would date the daughter of Chicago’s biggest crime boss anyway?

Uncaged Review: Ginger Ring is back with the next installment in this series, and this one lives up to its predecessor with ease. This can be read as a standalone, but reading Madison’s Mobster and Crossing Roman will give you a much better background, as the characters from the previous books are back in this one.

This time we are getting to know Valentina, daughter of a Mafia Kingpin and sister of Roman. Back in town after finishing her law degree, Valentina plans on opening shop in Genoa. When a car accident lands her back on the radar with Ryan, a longtime crush of Valentina’s, things get interesting. But with Valentina from a mobster family and Ryan a law officer, things get complicated quickly.

Plenty of suspense when people start ending up dead. Ryan will have his hands full trying to protect Valentina and deal with Roman. Plenty of suspense and romance – keeps the reader turning the pages. The author not only gives you strong men in her books, but the women are no pushovers either. Great mafia series. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars