Uncaged: You just released Warm, your latest book. Can you tell readers more about the book?

I have always been fascinated with the idea of solitary confinement and the effects it can have on ones self psychically and mentally. I’ve read articles, watched documentaries, read interviews from prisoners and prison guards. I knew it was something I wanted to try and write about. It was an idea that festered in my mind for two to three years.

Warn is a loose sequel to one of my previous books called Burning Down Paradise. Originally, I never intended for it to be but it kinda just happened. I guess my mind was just not finished with those characters. I intentionally wrote it in a way where you could still understand what was going on without having previously read Burning Down Paradise. So It serves as both a sequel and stand alone story.

Uncaged: What is the inspiration of writing in the horror genre?

I have loved the horror genre for so long that it has become a part of who I am. Halloween was the very first horror movie I saw at 10 years old and from there I was just obsessed. As a teen I read a lot of Stephen King and as I got older I transitioned to Clive Barker, Jack Ketchum and Edward Lee. Those three authors have inspired my writing tremendously.

I often compare Horror to being like a roller coaster, providing you with an extreme adrenaline rush. I also love horror for the human study aspect, exploring what makes people tick.

Uncaged: Besides horror, you also write poetry. Do you have any that you can share with us here?

Amusingly enough, most of my poetry is horror based. I have written outside of the genre but nothing that I have officially published. I will share with you,The Little Tiny Spider, it was published in my first book Darkness:Poems of extreme horror.

The Little Tiny Spider

Birds chirp.
Children Play.
Its quite the beautiful day.

The sun shines brightly over the earth.
Temperature reaches eighty five degrees.
All the windows are open.
Letting in the air.

As well as other things.

A little tiny spider finds her way through.
Running her little legs over carpet.
She found herself a nice home.

Nightfall hits.
Lighting bugs flash in the grass.
Stars cover the dark sky.

A woman sleeps comfortably in bed.
The little tiny spider crawls up her leg.
She reaches her chest.
The woman yawns and moves her head.
She does not awake.
The little tiny spider continues to crawl.
She reaches her face, and goes up her nose.
She found herself a nice home

Birds chirp.
Children play.
Another beautiful day.

The woman still lays in bed.
Her skin a lime green color.
Her eyes wide open, a pale dead white.
Little spider legs pierce through her eyes.
Thousands crawl out of the sockets.
They come out of her ears.
Pour out of her mouth.

They crawl out the windows.
That are still open in the house.

Uncaged: What are some of your favorite genres to read?

Horror, (naturally) Comedy, autobiographies, and True Crime Stories.

Uncaged: Do you read your reviews? What do you feel you can take away from them?

Yes, good or bad I love to read what people think of my work. I try to learn from the critic the best that I can. I am always looking for ways become a better writer. Finding news to improve my craft.

Uncaged: What is one of the nicest things someone has said to you about your books?

“You are a sick f*ck.” I loved it so much I used it in some of my marketing.

Uncaged: What do you like to do when you aren’t writing? Where is one of your favorite places on Earth?

I watch horror films, read, drink beer (and drink it well). I have not done it much lately but I love camping as well, being outside in front a campfire while looking up at the stars is a great feeling.

Uncaged: What can you tell us that is very unique about you?

One thing that really annoys me about most Self published authors is how full of themselves they can be. I cant tell you how many facebook ads I have seen from authors calling themselves “The number 1 best selling author” or “The next Stephen King.”

I am realistic, I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read my work and review it. I spend a lot more on just producing my books than what I actually make back. Any profits I do make end up going right back into producing my next work. That is okay though, when you do something you love you don’t do it for the money.

Uncaged: What would you like to say to fans, and where can they follow you?

Whether you loved or loathed it. I appreciate you all taking the time to read my little books. Id also like thank all the bloggers out there who have been extremely good to me.

Eric Kapitan fell in love with the horror genre at a young age. Binge watching Horror Movies such Halloween and Night of the Living Dead. It wasn’t long before Kapitan wanted to tell Horror stories of his own. Never afraid to push the boundaries, Kapitan believes Horror should be hard-hitting and leave an impression.

Eric Kapitan currently resides in Vermont. He enjoys spending time with family/friends, drinking a nice cold Vermont beer, and going to Horror conventions.

Eric Kapitan

Only a truly broken soul can be possessed by the ruler of hell. Unfortunately for Adam, every second of his life has molded him into the perfect host.

Adam is a killer. There’s no getting around that. The state doesn’t care that he was a child of abuse, that he was beaten near daily by a father who never wanted him. They don’t care that he truly wants to change, more than he’s ever wanted anything. For his crimes, Adam won’t see the sun until the day he’s dead and buried.

Deep below Adam’s restless heart, the king of hell has a new name, and he’s desperate to prove himself worthy. In his previous life, Timothy was a serial killer haunted by an all-consuming obsession with death and destruction. Now that he’s dead, he’s determined to rise through the ranks and earn a power like no other. As the king of hell, he’ll be able to re-enter the human world at last—and then tear it down, piece by bloody piece.

But for that, he needs a soul just as corrupt as he is. And Adam is ripe for the taking.

Warm by Eric Kapitan is a dark fairy tale of disturbing proportions, a gory tale of revenge that will keep readers up all night, haunted by the horrors within.


Chapter 1

“Oh my God, Adam! I love college! It’s so amazing! The people, the classes. I’ve made so many new friends…Oh, you should really try and come and visit so I can show you my dorm room. You can meet my roommate Becca and…”
Adam sipped his coffee. He felt the heat rising from the liquid warming the upper part of his face as he listened to Susan speak. He nodded and smiled at her. Her big eyes were bright, filled with positivity and excitement. She used her hands to further illustrate how amazing and cool the thing she was talking about was. It was a trait Adam’s sister had had as long as he could remember. Adam giggled to himself as he continued to stare at Susan, imagining her as the little girl he remembered walking to school and making lunches for. They had both come a long way since they were children. A very long road out of hell it had been.
“Oh, listen to me jibber-jab on when I should be asking how you are, big brother…How are things going, Adam?” Susan said as she lifted her coffee mug, taking a sip as she moved a strand of hair away from her face.
Adan shrugged his shoulders. “Well, you know me, boo. Not much really ever changes. Just work, work, and more work. Besides, it’s been a month since I’ve seen you. I like hearing what you have to say.”
Susan looked down at her coffee as she tried to hide the fact that she was blushing. Adam and Susan were very close. Adam was always more of a father to her than a brother. “So how is Mom—”
Before Susan could finish her sentence, she let out a cluster of small coughs. She covered her mouth quickly, not wanting to spread germs.
“You OK, Suz?” Adam said as he raised an eyebrow.
As Susan continued to cough, she nodded at him. Her cough began to grow louder and more frequent; her face slowly began to turn a light shade of red as Adam got up from the kitchen table and walked over to the sink.
“Let me get you some water,” Adam said as he grabbed a clean glass from the dish drainer. He filled the glass halfway and turned around to go back to the table. Before he could even move, the glass fell from his hand, smashing on the floor, water spilling everywhere.
Susan’s face was as gray as cement, her eyes bloodshot, as dark blood ran from her eyes, nose, and mouth. She fell to the floor on her side, her body convulsing as she continued to bleed out. Adam rushed to her side in a panic as tears filled his eyes.
“My God, Susan, what’s happening? What do I do?”
Snap out of your fantasy.

Adam woke up abruptly as his head smacked against the glass window. He forgot where he was for a moment before the harsh reality sank in again as he looked at the bus. He looked down at his handcuffed hands and chained feet, almost wanting to cry. He knew he couldn’t though. No way could he show any weakness. Only punks showed weakness. He remembered what his mom used to tell him whenever he came home from school crying because a bully picked on him.
“Never let them see you cry,” she would always say to him. Those words could not be more true now, Mom.
Adam looked out the window, thinking he should enjoy the outside world as much as he could before it was entirely shut out from him. He looked out at the trees moving past him at rapid speed as the bus sped down the road. The sun was beginning to go down, casting the sky in a bright orange. The orange clouds made him think about sherbet ice cream. He remembered how he and Susan used to sneak up to the roof of their apartment building at night and look at the stars. They always brought a container of sherbet ice cream with them. It was Susan’s favorite.
Those days were long gone.

Uncaged Review

A rather strange tale of gruesome discovery into hell. In this book all the characters left an impression on me. In fact I found it fantasizing how the author got all the characters to intertwine throughout out the book. The story is very dark and twisted. Any readers who like their horror books clean cut this is not for you. Even though the story is very dark in places it has loads of human nature and behavior and this author doesn’t do this to shock his readers, he loves the thrill of having the audience left with an impression of horror. Whether it’s good or bad, I have dove into the very bottom of hell with this and have come to the conclusion it’s very dark and twisted but it’s well written by the author. He grabs a hold of the reader and refuses to let them go. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars