Zombie Virus
Samuel T. Raven
Young Adult/SciFi/Horror

Ben excels in the stupidity department, however, he fancies an intelligent girl, Charlie, but she’s not interested. She prefers boys who can hold up a decent level of intellectual conversation. When Ben finds a drug that may increase his intellect, he takes it, hoping this will open to the door to Charlie’s heart. However, this has disastrous consequences as the virus adapts, causing widespread disease. The only thing that stands between it and the complete annihilation of mankind is a time traveler from the future who only has limited interaction with the present. Can this time traveler help prevent the end of days for humanity whilst at the same time help Ben find true love?

Uncaged Review: Part 1 in a 6 part series follows Ben and Alex, best friends at college. Ben has a crush on a girl called Charlie and is desperate for her to notice him. He takes some important vials from a science centre trip which nearly brings about a zombie outbreak. Ben does have some tricks up his sleeve to help try and end this. I really liked this book the first half felt a little rushed like the author was trying to fit massive amounts of plot into a short book. Towards the second half of the book it was very action packed and full of zombie fun. Of course it ends in a cliffhanger and I’m desperate to see what happens next. Reviewed by Jennifer

4 Stars