Uncaged Book Feature – Grow Op by Anne Wentworth

Grow Op
Anne Wentworth
SciFi/Genetic Engineering

It’s the 22nd century and Lyra Trask has continued with the research her father began, using it to create a very lucrative business. Decades of wars on Earth have led to governments and entire nations collapsing, leaving a broken society and the emergence of a new structuring. Lyra lives a peaceful existence out in the desert with Rigel, the hybrid her father created. Their life in the desert is uneventful until she makes one mistake. She breaks her father’s rule—never give interviews. Soon after, their tranquility and security come apart as a splinter group try to break into the compound. When Lyra looks down and into the eyes of one of the individuals threatening the compound, she knows there can only be one explanation for what she sees. But Lyra isn’t about to hand over her business and decides to try to bargain with the group. When she heads out into the desert night to find the leader of the splinter group, Lyra isn’t prepared for the events that unfold. She finds out that Rigel isn’t who she thought and that something very significant has been kept secret from her for twenty-seven years—the truth about her life and who she is.


“That world died ages ago. This planet is bleeding as badly as the people left fighting on it. The world is fragmented and I don’t think we’ll ever find our way back to the simplicity those people had. It’s too late.” Lyra blinked, but it was useless. The tears came anyway.

“Hey, it’s okay. What if I told you it could be like that again? What if I told you we’re on the way back to that fork in the road where humanity lost its way?” He stroked her cheek, brushing the tears away. She didn’t miss the intimacy of his gesture.

“I’d say you’re a romantic, dreaming fool, Mr. Rigel.” She squeezed his hands. “And those are only a couple of your many virtues I value.”

Rigel winked. “Virtues? Is that what you’re calling my junk these days?” He reached, giving her bottom a quick swat before walking away. “I’ll get the shower warm. Come and join me when you’re ready.”

Junk? That was an archaic term men had used to refer to their genitals.

“How the hell did he come up with that?” An aching went through her heart as she finished listening to the song. Was she really that person carrying the technology torch, shouting out its necessity? Why did this music always bring out a pining to be in a simpler life? She had it all; at least she thought she did. Money, power, science and technology to rival many. She was in complete control of her life and had what others didn’t—choice.

But why did everything sound so hollow, even in her thoughts? Never mind, it wasn’t something a shower and Rigel’s virtue couldn’t fix.

Anne Wentworth Star-gazing, storms, coffee, chocolate and writing. I speak three languages: husband, cat and English. If it’s paranormal – count me in. I love being spooked and have a few real ghost stories of my own to tell.