Raven Awards Eligible – 2018


2018 Raven Awards
Eligible Books

To be eligible, books must have been reviewed by Uncaged (not affiliates) and received at least a 4 Star review between the months of July, 2017 to June, 2018

January 2018 Selections

Echo in the Wind – Regan Walker
The Bastard Laird’s Bride – Emma Prince
Sword of the Butterfly – Scott Carruba
Fluidis Rising – Margo Ryerkerk
The Guardians – SC Storm and Rena Marin
Who the F*ck Am I? – Stephen Bentley
Shattered Lies – S.J. Francis
White Raven – J.L. Weil
The Haunting of Dr. Bowen – C.A. Verstraete
Fires of Hell: The Alchemystic – Maureen L. Mills
His Life Plan – Sharla Wylde
Melting Hearts – J.E. Prim
Sixth Prime – Dan O’Brien
Witch Hunter – J.Z. Foster
Scarlett – Elle Klass
Storm Watch – Carole Ann Moleti
Haunted Souls – Kathryn Knight
Christmastide with My Captain – Tammy Andresen
Never Give Up On Love – Maggie Mundy
Sizzle in the Snow Anthology – Various


December 2017 Selections

The Christmas Dragon – Katharina Gerlach
A Soulmate for Christmas – Anthology
Secret Angel – Cherry Christensen
Mistletoe and Mochas – Patricia Eddy
Hope for Christmas – Becky McGraw
Building a Christmas – Patricia Bond
The Christmas Cowboy – Shanna Hatfield
Christmas in the Highlands – Madelyn Hill
Her Sweetest Christmas – Holly Blair
A Montana Bound Christmas – Linda Bradley
A Secret Scottish Christmas – Regan Walker
Christmas at Gate 18 – Amy Matayo
Howl for the Holidays – Keira Blackwood
Sweet Sacrifice – L.D. Rose
Managed 4 – Clarissa Carlyle
A Groom for Mama – Catherine Castle
Leaving Kate – JD Corbett
Guardian – A.J. Messenger
Lion’s Prey – Karin Shah
This Old Cafe – Marci Boudreau
Ensnaring Lord Starsen – Jenn Langston
Miracle on Aisle Two – Beth Carter
The Beekeeper’s Daughter – Jane Jordan
Daimonion – J.P. Jackson
The Reaper’s Kiss – Dale Ibitz
Savage Betrayal – Emily Tyler
Salvageable – Jean Baxter

November 2017 Selections

Music in the Night – Michelle Levigne
A Tale of a Rough Diamond – P.J. Mann
An Enlightening Quiche – Eva Pasco
Shiva XIV – Lyra Shanti
Second Chance with a Highlander – S.R. Mitchell
Cursed – Skylar McKinzie
Dangerous Destiny – V.A. Dold
Delusional Conduct – M.Rain Ranalli & J.L. Clayton
Shifter’s Shadow – Ella Summers
Brynnde – M Pepper Langlinais
Managed 3 – Clarissa Carlyle
Zombie Virus – Samuel T. Raven
Love and the Shameless Lady – Barbara Monahem
Seasons- Iesha S. Walker
She – David Kummer
Inception – Bianca Scardoni
The Reluctant Wife – Caroline Warfield
I am Terry Walker – Skye Andrews
Stealing the Show – Lilliana Rose
Lovely Scars – Cassandra Jamison
The Savage from the Sea – Claire Harris
Enslaving the Day – Jenn Langston
Elle Walker’s Justice – Susan Federici

October 2017 Selections

Highland Shadows – Lily Baldwin
Fireflies of the Dead – Eric Kapitan
Dragon’s Storm – Ella Summers
Ghosts of Kingston Cottage – Libby Bishop
Blood of Angels – Amber Morgan
Dark Moon – Jessica Marting
Guardian Wolf – J.K. Harper
Dark Lord of the Night – S.K. Ryder
Only the Dead Don’t Die – A.D. Popovich
Scarred Protector – Maggie Mundy
My Soul to Give – Magali A. Fréchette
The Witches of November – Gloria Garner Haynes
You Only Get One Shot – Kennedy & Michael
The Father of Flesh – Nicholas Paschall
Maiden – C.L. Marin
Grand Parade – Lilliana Rose
Managed 2 – Clarissa Carlyle
A Trail to Love – Tina Susedik
Dealing with the Devil – Jennifer Siddoway
Famished, Omnibus – Ivan Ewert
Releasing the Demons – L.D. Rose
Black Bullet – L.D. Rose
Day of the Spiders – Brian O’Gorman
Sweet Nightmares – Zizi Cole
Sweet Vengeance – Aliya DalRae

September 2017 Selections

Lure of the Wolf-Anna Lowe
10 Dates-Emily James
The Accidental Stranger-Cj Fosdick
Rock My Body-Lee Piper
The Demon Magician-Alex Dunn
Managed 1-Carissa Carlyle
Highland Pursuits-Emmanuelle de Maupassant
Mirror Mirror-E. J Bennett
Siren’s Song-Ella Summers
Down the Tubes-Kate Rigby
The Crow Girl-Erik Axl Sund
Dream Warrior-Trim and Julka
What the Clocks Know-Rumer Haven
The Second Man-Emelle Gamble
Running from a Rock Star-Jami Albright
Hers by Request-Karen Ann Dell
Love at War-Viola Russell
Never With a Rich Man-Tina Susedik
Not Her Baby-Cassandra Jamison
No One Gets Out Alive-Adam Nevill
Bad Boy Brother-Chance Carter
(Almost) Average Anthology-Jason J. Nugent
Angel-LJ Ross
Another Time-Donna Steele
Wild Bells-Charlie Cochrane
The Red -Tiffany Reisz
Dirty 30, Vol. 2-Rose Caraway
Bound-R.M. Gauthier
Thin Ice-J.S. Marlo
She’s Not Gone-Sarah Northwood
Madison’s Mobster-Ginger Ring
Crossing Roman-Ginger Ring
The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Need-Deborah Wilde
Quest of a Warrior-Mary Morgan
Midnight Moss-Carissa Ann Lynch

July 2017 Selections

The Selection – Jason J. Nugent
Camping on Other Planets – Clark Nielsen
Infamous – Lori Sizemore
Lure of the Dragon – Anna Lowe
Suspended – Sarah Noffke
14 Needles – Aaron Deck
Born of Faerie – WB McKay
Storm Shift – Calinda B.
Esther, an Easter Bride – Hildie McQueen
Beside the Music – BJ Knapp
Maon – Marshall of Tallav – Cailin Briste
Shane – Marshallof Tallav – Cailin Briste
Morgan D’Arcy – a Vampyre Rhapsody – Linda Nightingale
The Wallflower’s Wicked Wager – Collette Cameron
Child of the Night Guild – Andy Peloquin
Baby Love – Emmanuelle de Maupassant
The Way You Bite – Zoe Forward
Thursdays at Coconuts – Beth Carter
Embracing the Knight – Jenn Langston
Hell Bound – Kathy Dinisi
Nite Fire – CL Scheider
Gemini Rising – Erin Williams
Unholy Alliance – Kathleen Rowland
Eclipse of the Beginning – JL Hendricks
Hegis’ Grasp – Dean Clark
Hope’s Prelude – LG O’Connor
Hidden in the Vines – Gemma Brocato
Revenants, Season 1 – Williams & Harlow
Dawn of the Infected – Eileen Cruz Coleman
Beside Still Waters – Ryan Jo Summers
Humanity’s Protectors – David R. Bernstein
Circle of Dreams – Jane S. Morrisey
The Withering Palace – Alexia Purdy
Playing with Fire – R.J. Blain

August 2017 Selections

The Honest Rake – Toni V. Sweeney
Crazy for Alice – Alex Dunn
Wolf’s Challenge – Christina Lynn Lambert
To Tame the Wind – Regan Walker
Fire and Ice – Chance Carter
Bob – Tegon Maus
Ugly Little Things – Todd Keisling
Tenderly Wicked – Katerina Ross
Abilene – B.A. Mealer
Calliope Creek – DeAnn Smallwood
The Waning – Christina Bergling
Sublime Karma – Peyton Garver
The Gentleman’s Club – Emmanuelle de Maupassant
Waking for Winter – Katherine McIntyre
Enden – David Krumer
Sister Agatha – Domhnall O’Donoghue
Isle of the Blessed – Suzan Tisdale
Behold! Oddities, Curiosities and Undefinable Wonders – Various
Best Women’s Erotica – Various
Progenitor – Sherri Moorer
The Accidental Wife – Cj Fosdick
Justice Unending – Elizabeth Spencer
Fragile Brilliance – Eliot Parker
The Vanquished – Jessica V. Fisette
The Ulterior Motive – Jack Coleston
Belonging to a Highlander – KM Patterson
A Storytelling of Ravens – RH Dixon
Or the Girl Dies – Rachel Rust
The Watched Girl – Rachel Rust
The Child with Silver Eyes – Kristen Collins