2017 Past Issues

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Issue 14, September 2017

Featuring authors: Deborah Wilde, Anna Lowe, Mary Morgan, Carissa Lynch, Ginger Ring, Sarah Northwood, J.S. Marlo and Brynn Myers.

Issue 13, August 2017

Featuring Grigoris Drakakis, Toni V. Sweeney, R.H. Dixon, Rachel Rust, Kristen Collins, K.M. Patterson and Corey J. Popp

Issue 12, July 2017 – Featuring authors -Kathleen Rowland, Beth Carter, James McCormick, Tony-Paul de Vissage, Linda Nightingale, C.L. Schneider and Elle Klass.


Issue 11, June 2017 – Feature Authors: K.C. Bateman, Cheryl Yeko, Roe Valentine, Kacey Hammell, E.J. Stevens, Shari Elder and the writing team of Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton.


Issue 10, May 2017 Featured authors: Lee Piper, Stacy Hoff, Beth Donaldson, Claire Buss, M.D. Massey, R.L. Blalock and Christian Alecci


Issue 9, April 2017 – Featuring authors: Cris & Clare Meyers, Anna James, Christine Rees, Nancy DeRosa, Amy Hale, Ben Hammott, Rhonda Frankhouser and Isabel Jordan

Issue 9, March 2017 Featuring authors: Jane Ederlyn, R.M. Gauthier, Karen Greco, Haven Cage, Scott Carruba, Lily Luchesi, Mikea Howard and Tamara Thorne


Issue 7, February 2017 Featured Authors: Alexandra Lee, Kayla Krantz, Christine Hart, Deborah Jay, B.J. Scott, Loren Molloy, Rose Lange and Alistair Cross


Issue 6, January 2017 Featuring authors, Dale Elster, CiCi Cordelia, Stormy Russell, Linda Bradley, Lindsey Ouimet, Romarin Demetri and Tatter Jack