Serpent’s Tooth
Toni V. Sweeney

Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll…and Demon Worship. At first, it seemed like the screenplay of a romance…

A famous rock star disappears…twenty-five years later; a former fan discovers he’s still alive. They fall in love and marry and he takes her to the ranch where he’s hidden for a quarter of a century, but there the love story degenerates into a tale of horror…

Once Travis Brandt, aka Hildebrand, the most famous singer of the 80’s, takes Melissa Powers to his ranch in the Nebraska sandhills, everything takes on a sinister tinge. Travis’ assertions as to why his former marriage was destroyed, and his decision to disappear at the height of his career sound false to his new wife, as does his refusal to have children. When Melissa discovers she’s pregnant in spite of her husband’s careful attempts to prevent it, she learns Travis’ secret…a tale of rags-to-riches, the story of a youngster from Nebraska who became the idol of millions, but wanted more; of a young man who bartered his soul to the Powers of Darkness in return for fame.

Uncaged Review: Travis’s Brandt had a good life and a failed marriage. A music career and some acting behind him, now in his fifties he finds himself getting married once again. To a woman he met on a cruise they live happily until his wife announces she’s pregnant. This is when the trouble starts Travis will have to come clean. About a deal he made in once upon a time in the eighties.

The storyline is fun to read lots romance with a little cult and magic thrown in. But towards the end of the book the story felt a little rushed to me. Also there some moments when u find yourself blushing as you read it. It ends in a cliffhanger. So I’m thinking one, what happens to Travis’s wife as we forget about her after the baby is born. Two, what happens next with the way the book ends, will there be more? It’s worth a read but it’s like a film made for TV never to return. Reviewed by Jennifer

3 Stars